Friday, January 05, 2007

Ms. Fuzzy Lizzie has a list of excellent vintage clothing related New Year’s resolutions. Among them: No more buying things that need fixing.

How wise Ms. Fuzzy Lizzie is! Alas, I fall for the fixer-upper every time. The fixer-upper is of course is the more economical approach to pre-70s vintage. I fix them myself, by hand, imperfectly, and leave a trail of sequins wherever I go. Or I am utterly stumped on how to fix something and it languishes next to the very neglected to be-hand-washed pile. About a week ago I bought a fabulous red dress printed with a very brush-strokey village with windmills and a guy on a horse. Late 50s, cotton. Interesting neckline and a full skirt (with crinoline attached) for only 15 smackers. My Moulin Rouge dress, or so I thought. That is until I began sewing the ripped seams on both sides. It took like 3 hours. There is some complicated drapey-thing across the midriff which has now gone all wrong thanks to my efforts. So now it is my Don Quixote dress, and I am simply tilting at windmills. I know, I should march it down to my tailor and fork over whatever it costs to make it right.

But perhaps you have more talent than I. Or at least a sewing machine. This fabulous early 60s novelty print of old-timey keys has already been pre-cut, though perhaps not to the pattern that is included, but it still might work. I know all of that is needlessly complicated. But it’s only $8. So go and check it out. You just might be the one to save this project and make it viable. I mean, maybe one of your resolutions was to make shirt waist dresses in novelty prints. That’s a noble goal indeed.

Have a great weekend, goslings!


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