Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Be still my heart. Just look at this Persian art-influenced novelty print on late 40s rayon. Terrific colors. I just love the guy fitting an arrow to his bow and the way the scenes settle into distinct squares. The half-peplum that serves as a pocket is a lovely detail. The starting bid is $69.00 and I have the feeling there will be some fierce bidding. If you can wear a B34” W26” H36”, get in there and go after it.

I hope that Ms. Vintage Voyager knows about this frock. Her blog has a great section on Persian and Middle Eastern-inspired patterns. One especially dear to my heart is the Shaheen’s Arabic prints section. This is gorgeous stuff so do go and have a look.

Next: This is an old link, but a good one. Ms. Dioramarama has an interesting post about copyrights and fabric. Though geared more to the entrepreneurial crafter than a non-sewing novelty print enthusiast such as myself, it raises some interesting questions about the use of patterns whose copyright may have expired. Liesl of Disdressed adds some interesting info from the textile designer viewpoint. The fact of the matter is, we are all seeing a lot of reworked vintage patterns out there. Just the other night I tried on a modern jacket with a very 30s looking swan pattern. Designers are hoarding this stuff. How can we combat this?


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