Thursday, December 28, 2006

Let us now praise Gemma Jones, an Australian-based fine artist who created this painting. Using images from vintage ephemera, Jones presents the everywoman of yesterday as a star in her own right. Her paintings have a contemplative quality. Don't you totally want one? She also paints on dresses that are pop art fabulous.

In an interview with Uppers, Ms. Jones is quoted:
“I find it interesting that fashion is often seen as non-art … that it is perceived as superficial, transient and basically for suckers and in the same breath constructed as particularly feminine. I like to explore a point where art and aspects of feminine culture overlap. Equally I'm interested in realms such as craft, decoration and domestic interiors which have been thought of as feminine concerns outside of art.”

To this I say: Hear, hear!

Check out more images, including paintings on fabulous 60s styled trapeze dresses (modeled here by the band, The Shimmys,) here.



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