Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mind-blowing Japanese-inspired novelty print. Just look at the details on the kimonos. With glitz sprinkled throughout the print and a sequined empire waist, this frock wants to go to the opera, or dance with you on New Year's Eve. What I like most is the restricted use of color. While there are many hostess dresses with long multicolored skirts in a variety of prints, the restraint on this one makes it unusual.

It is a smallish medium, and at $45.00 an investment piece. Have you started your personal Polyester Museum of Fine Art yet? In the waning days of 2006, why not get cracking on a museum of your own? Don’t have 45 bucks? Why not have a fundraiser for your future Polyester Museum and send out fancy hand-written invitations to a cash bar event at your local wateringhole? I mean, unless you are independently wealthy like Peggy Guggenheim, you gotta look for endowments for your museum.

Who articulates your rage? I am paraphrasing, of course.

I tend to be isolated from mainstream media for the simple reason that no one articulates my rage there. But the heroic Twisty Faster articulates my rage indeedy. So dash on over to blame the patriarchy and read some Valerie Solanas.

I love Twisty Faster. It was around this time last year that I discovered her blog. She has a wonderful way of giving voice to all my fury and misgivings about the patriarchy. But alas, I wonder if my devotion to vintage novelty prints just ain't helping the cause. Though I write about clothing, clothing from an era when women had it even worse, still I can subvert the way in which women and aesthetics are perceived, no?


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