Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nautical novelty for your inner Pirate of Penzance. Crisp black and white print with a very unusual high collar on what would otherwise be a simple shirt waist dress. I love the black buttons down the front, and the ¾ sleeves. I’d prefer it if one of these little seaside towns was on fire, and one of the ships hoisted a Jolly Roger, but no matter. I’d also love to track down the etching this was copied from. But (drat and fie!), it’s too small for me. The auction ends in 9 hours, and this beauty is currently weighing in at $9.99.

This post is an homage to Ms. Fuzzy Lizzie. She collects travel prints. Trawling the internet looking for novelty I found her blog, and these drool-worthy photos of her exciting collection of travel themed novelty print circle skirts. They are thrilling so do check them out.


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