Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A star is born. It does not get better than this heart-stopping rayon novelty print with custom details. B36, W28, H46. I expect bidding will get fierce as this auction closes in under 3 hours. Go get it.

There are so many reasons to swoon over this frock. The print is exciting. The way the stars are partially outlined in white gives the print depth and movement. Although it’s always hard to access color with photos, the combo of blue, brown, bronze, and what appears to be chartreuse is exquisitely early 50s. But the devil is in the details, so let’s worship Satan for a moment, shall we? Look at those precious, time-consuming insets, both at the waist and collar. They are thrilling, architectural and super flattering. Also, it might be an optical illusion, but it looks like the stars get smaller around the waist inset, making the waist look smaller. And who, with the exception of my wasp-waisted friend Death Starr, doesn’t need that? Now the piece de resistance: some brilliant, driven, detail-oriented soul actually cut out individual stars and sewed them to the insets with what looks like an embroidery stitch and embellished the appliqués with a bead or stud in the center. Novelty print with matching novelty appliqués, I am plotzing.

It’s vintage rayon for crying out loud. There’s an international shortage of the stuff. Not to activate the conspiracy theory part of your brain, but I think someone is hoarding it.

It would look so cute on you. If you buy this dress, would you send me a photo of the two of you together? I just want to see this dress happy.


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