Friday, December 01, 2006

Another stunning celebration of the vegetable kingdom. This dynamic dress is a medium (B37, W31) and still has its original belt. Bids are currently super low, so go get it.

There are so many things to like about this print. The unraveling red (or are they rust colored?) bows allow the asparagus to fan out and tumble free, creating the illusion of movement. The asparagus themselves are realistically rendered, almost turning this dress into a trompe l’oeil. In this frock, I’d be tempted to lounge about on tabletops and call myself a low calorie smorgasbord. I know, I know, women are always described as food, a hot tomato, a bit of cheesecake, so I am entering into fraught territory. But doesn’t this vegetable shake up that paradigm a bit? And why is it that only women are allowed to wear flowery prints? Perhaps we should boycott flowers altogether and celebrate the vegetable. It’s not the revolution, but at least it’s a start, isn’t it?

My dear Uncle Monty is a great devotee of all things vegetable. In his well-appointed flat, he is a master of vegetarian ikebana. Cauliflowers are artfully arranged in vases with a radish or two. A carrot, he is fond of saying, has mystery. Uncle Monty would absolutely plotz if I showed up for brunch in this lovely frock.

Uncle Monty and I have long been co-conspirators. At my sister’s wedding, when she threw the bouquet at my head, I vowed to Uncle Monty that I would never marry. But if I were forced to do so, (to keep my parents out of debtors prison, or to save a friend from being deported to Sierra Leone) then I would carry a head of broccoli rather than flowers. That way whoever caught it would get a decent meal out of the nonsense.


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