Thursday, November 30, 2006

Read it and weep. This fabulous 40s rayon dress with a novelty print of pink handkerchiefs is weighing in at $99. Steep, yes, but look at this beauty. Go check it out, as it is hard to see in this photo. It's exquisite.

Wear it to your favorite 4 handkerchief weepfest.

“Stella Dallas” has always brought out my hanky. (And you can bet my hanky invariably has a novelty print on it.) But if you really want to cry your eyes out (you know, to clear your sinuses or something) may I recommend “Red Cherry”. I know it sounds like an upbeat title, or the name of a raunchy anime series , but it’s actually based on a true WWII survival story.

ChuChu, played by the amazing Guo Ke-Yu (who won best actress for this film in the 1995 Shanghai Film Festival), is sent to Russia after her parents are executed. Not only is her Russian school invaded by trigger-happy Nazis, not only are her friends shot in front of her, but then she’s packed off to be a maid for an uber-evil Nazi who forcibly tattoos a massive swastika on her back. And then her troubles really begin. No one can remain dry-eyed through this film. It’s not just the story, but Ms. Guo’s acting. She has very little dialogue. She shows rather than tells and can hold 12 different and conflicting emotions on her face. She does it without chewing on the scenery, which most lesser actors would have resorted to. And she was only 17 when she made this film, goslings. I hope director Ye Ying did not torture her to wring this performance outta her, you know like Lars Von Trier did to Bjork for “Dancer in the Dark”.

Still think your life sucks? I find that hard to believe. But just in case, make this a double feature with "Born into Brothels". Spartacus and I saw this together. Before the film started we were kvetching and kvetching. Afterwards, we were totally silent.


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