Friday, December 22, 2006

Never on Sunday. This musical Greek-influenced novelty print skirt is a steal for $25. If you've got a 25" waist. Hurry up and get it.

And I totally swear that Illya is wearing a novelty print skirt in the opening scene of "Never On Sunday". Handkerchiefs and ladders perhaps? She is running and it's so hard to see the print. I pressed pause several times but finally gave up. I haven't seen the whole film yet, but Melina Mercouri is fabulous. But why (oh why?) did they need an American character at all? Her scenes with him read like something from Joan Crawford's Rain. Now I don't think that prostitution is empowerful, it ain't. But Illya doesn't seem like she needs saving from herself. I sure hope she triumphs in this film, but am worried that she won't. I'll let ya know when I'm done.

Meanwhile, something strange is happening. Everywhere people are carrying big shopping bags, or putting up strings of lights and tinsel, and often they are drunk. Sometimes they are wearing very ugly red and white caps. I think there's some holiday for Gentiles going on, I forget what it's called. I think it starts with a Ch or an X; I never know how to pronounce it. Anyway, I hope the Gentiles' holiday is over soon because it seems to be stressing them out. Everyone's all grumpy on the subway and stuff.


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