Friday, December 29, 2006

The prints that launched 93 posts. These are among the ones that got away.

These two items were my primary inspiration for this blog. I wish I had documented who was selling them, but alas I did not. I saw them both over a year ago when I began to think more and more seriously about vintage novelty prints.

The suit is, if I remember correctly, and Yves Saint Laurent 70s mimicking 40s. It was too small for me and totally out of my price range. But I am still in love with it. I imagined a future with us together, going to cocktail parties and art openings. Brief separations when it went to the Dry Cleaners and joyous reunions for opening nights at the theater, or standing room only at the Met for The Magic Flute. I imagined all the conversations we’d start, that musical suit and I. Dreamy sigh. I know, I know, enough already. Is it yours? If so, please send me a picture of the two of you together somewhere fabulous. I’d love to post it here. I just hope this suit is happy, even if it’s not with me.

The shirt is utterly thrilling men’s wear and I wish I had gotten it for Rudolpho or Spartacus. It made me desperate for a chess print dress or skirt. (If you see one, would you let me know? The closest I’ve seen is a remnant with the Queen, Jack and King cards printed on it. Not half as classy as chess though.) I love the small chess boards and the large knights and rooks. If this is your shirt, I’d love to see a photo of you out on the town in it.

Happy New Year, goslings! I’m cooking up draconian New Years Resolutions that all involve novelty prints. Could 2007 be the year I find the ultimate novelty print? Can I finally conquer the scarcity mentality (also known as poco-loco) that keeps me buying $15 dresses but in mortal terror of an investment purchase? Can I once and for all overcome my compulsive shopping problem, and like the archetypal French woman, only buy 2-3 gorgeous dresses per year? Can I get it together to get a better job, implement Operation Snooze, and finally sell all the vintage stuff I’ve got that’s too small? Maybe I’ll learn to play the ukulele, perhaps take Arabic or Japanese classes? Stay tuned goslings!

Last year I decided to take a photo of my outfit everyday. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year already. I gotten better as a photographer, and it was interesting and meditative to do something everyday come hell or high water. But now I don’t know what to do with the photos. They feel kinda personal to put up on a blog, but I must do something with them, no?

For New Years Eve, I like to listen to Die Fledermaus. I can’t make it to the Kaiserball in Vienna, but a little Strauss and champagne might ease the pain. I’m sure you’ve got some fabulous plans, so have fun and be careful out there. My father, who was a bartender for decades, always called this holiday Amateur Night. I'll be back after the New Year.


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