Thursday, January 04, 2007

Heart-poundingly fabulous. This rayon palazzo pants jumpsuit features some enormous roses, well-detailed leaves and Asian-themed lanterns. I think it is actually late 30s as described. This would have been a lounging outfit (I have something similar in blue and pink, though novelty-less, alas). Medium (B 36-38, W30, Hips up to 42) and currently on the block for $99. Shockingly high end, I know. But totally worth it for 30s.

It’s hard to tell from the photos if the color is red or orange. I am hoping it is a tomato red.

I found another beauty this morning, but the photo is copyright protected. Which is hilarious, in light of my recent copyright post. After all, I am urging potential shoppers to shop, no? Anyhoo, I can’t show it to you. If you would like to use your imagination, just continue reading. If you just want to get to it: here. Rayon, shirt-waisted olive and white 50s dress looks like houndstooth from afar. But up close, it’s an op-art congregation of fantailed doves. Splendid details, like a small breast pocket and sewn-in pleats down the bodice. The skirt flares slightly towards the bottom, but the silhouette remains late 40s/early 50s slim. At $75, it’s high end too. Ms. Mad Vintage has some more beauties including some exquisite Alfred Shaheen.


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