Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Let us now praise Lynn Yaeger. This photo here was copied from Mickey Boardman's blog on Paper Magazine. I once had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Boardman, and he is a throughly charming chap with wit to spare. So in light of my last post about copyrights, I'll just hope he doesn't send me a cease and desist letter. After all, this is good linkage, no? But where oh where is the Lynn Yaeger daily style feature? I want to see what she is wearing everyday! I'd even volunteer to photograph her myself.

Just look at Ms. Yaeger's style--I love it. The first photo is by Mr. Sartorialist, whom I have not met. But I must confess that I take extra care with my ensemble and toilette when I hit the flea-markets since I’ve noticed that many of his photographs are taken in that area. I'd frame a cease and desist letter from him.

Her aesthetic fills me with visions of turning “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” into a 12 tone operetta, setting it in the Weimar Republic, getting the Tiger Lilies to do the music and Comme des Garcons to do the costumes. Ms. Yaeger is an excellent example of creating your own style and wearing it well. I loved her "Material World" columns in the Village Voice. She is one of the few style writers with a social consciousness, commenting on the means of production with a well-placed barb. A big Brava and a shower of rose petals to Ms. Yaeger.



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