Friday, January 12, 2007

Another Venetian novelty print skirt. Interesting use of a repeat pattern. I like the black separating bands. Super tiny though with a waist of 25 inches. This skirt is in Australia, and available for $35 Australian, or about $27 US. Shipping costs might choke you, unless you’re in Oz, Micronesia or Tahiti. I really like the idea of someone wearing an Italian novelty print in the South Pacific. And then someone in Venice wearing a Polynesian print. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something like a foreign exchange student program for novelty prints? I have a 60s novelty print shirt of Florence that would love to take a tour of Japanese Onsen (Hot Springs). And a circle skirt printed with men in top hats that would just love to visit Isfahan. I mean, I can’t afford to go, but perhaps my clothes could. I could find another lass about my size to wear them around town and take photos, and I could do the same for her. Ah, but how would I fund it? I bet I'd get into the Venice Biennale if I could pull it off.

The novelty print is all about displacement. A yearning for unreachable places. Places that can only exist in the imagination. Wouldn’t it be fun to do a series of novelty prints featuring architectural sites and skylines for countries that have no diplomatic relations with yours? Any city in Iran would be a perfect print for someone from the United States to wear. Now if only I were a textile designer...

Have you bought yourself one of the novelty prints I have posted? I'd be so happy if you'd send me photos to post of you and your novelty print so happy together. You can find me at squidonastick (at)


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