Friday, November 10, 2006

Late 50s medallion print with heraldic theme. Crowns and sinuous-tailed lions. Crossed swords and battle axes. I like the functionless buttons (even though its bad feng shui) and adore the very usable pockets. Great color combination.

It's a lovely frock, but I can't have it. Operation Snooze is on the back burner for the meantime. Difficult though it is, I must begin LTL (pronounced "Little"), my new project, Lighten The Load. My wardrobe needs to be halved. Really. I have 4 racks overflowing with novelty. I need an intervention, not a new dress.

This one would totally fit me too (B37, W30). So please, go bid on it and let me know it’s gone to a good home.


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