Friday, November 10, 2006

Be still my heart. Yummy mix of amber, avocado and chocolate brown printed on cotton. Lovely line drawings with thrilling details. Just look at that fish, will ya? And the expressions on the ladies’ faces. But most of all, I like the grid structure. Looking closely at the grid, it has texture, almost like rope, or a fancy frame. The grid gives this skirt the appearance of a Japanese shoji screen illuminated by these scenes.

It would look so cute on you. Really. Go bid on it now.

The seller, with the handle of GypsyMarcu and a store called Vintaggio, says she has simply run out of synonyms for cute. But I think this skirt goes way beyond cute and into stunning. However, Ms. GypsyMarcu has incorrectly labeled the pictured ladies “Geisha”, when the lady with the fish and her friend with the bucket are clearly a different kind of working girl. I know, I know: Ms. GypsyMarcu’s just trying capture the keyword searches, and with the thumbnail on the main page is it impossible to see how truly transcendent this skirt is. So I’ll forgive her.

As I cannot read Japanese, I have no way of knowing what the text says, or if it is even correct. With a print like this I also cannot tell if it was made in Japan or not. I am presuming not. The text might even be copied from something else by a Western printmaker without understanding its content. I have a bag with a Japanese print fabric showing line drawings of people in old-style clothing with inscriptions. A friend who can read the inscriptions told me that one of the captions for a female figure stated that she was ill. While this doesn’t decrease my enjoyment of the bag (I call it my Under The Weather Bag), I have to wonder if there isn’t a joke in there somewhere. Probably on me.

I’d wear this honey of a skirt with a fitted chocolate brown blazer style jacket, mustard colored boots and some yellow accessories. Or perhaps amber. But, alas, it is too small for me. So please go and get it. Wear it to the theater, wear it to work, wear it out dancing. This skirt wants to be your friend and trusted ally. It wants to be the one you turn to when you need to look remarkably fabulous in flash.

Ms. GypsyMarcu also has some other lovelies, including some seahorse earrings.


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