Monday, October 23, 2006

Deliriously autumnal. Perfect dress for drinking apple cider and feeling foxy. Exciting early 60’s print with the little foxes (yes, that sure is a Bette Davis/Lillian Hellman reference), acorns and leaves. The yellow buttons are an especially nice touch. It’s a largish medium and you can bid on it here. Bids were in the 10 dollar range when I last checked.

The Folksbiene, NYC’s resident Yiddish Theater company, must have tunneled into my dream world to bring together two of my great loves: Yiddish theater and Gilbert and Sullivan.
They are presenting a Yiddish version of “The Pirates of Penzance”, which in Yiddish becomes “Di Yam Gazlonim” (The Rascally Robbers of the Sea). Jewish Pirates. Yiddish drinking songs. I am so there. It's only running for 2 weeks, Oct 29-Nov 12.

Now if only they would do a Yiddish version of “All About Eve”. But of course make it all about the golden years of Yiddish theater. Perhaps with a Molly Picon type character as the Margo Channing/Bette Davis lead. Are you reading this, Zalmen Mlotek?

The New York Times is stalking me! A staff writer visited my Butoh class and spoke with Vangeline. Celeste Hastings and the fabulous Butoh Rockettes are name-checked. I'm so glad to see them get some press ink.

Wearing my revolutionary costume for the day, I’m hoping to get tickets to the musical of “Grey Gardens”. I know, I was all suspicious of it when it was off-Broadway, but now I am just another misfit who wants tickets. I'll be tempted to show up with a sweater pinned on my head and a bathing suit with stockings, but will most likely wear a crisp autumnal novelty print.

So what is up with the New York Times? An issue with Butoh, Little Edie, Sankai Juku, and the Folksbiene just all together like that. Who knew I was a demographic they wanted to reach. My deli guy must have told them I've stopped buying the Sunday Times and there's a campaign to win me back.


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