Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This one looks like it just might glow in the dark. This vivid souvenir print looks more like Venice, California than Venice, Italy, but it's still charming. I didn't know anyone would dare put red, green and pink all together like that. Without the black background and the white highlights I don't know that it would work. It almost looks like one of those paintings on black velvet, but the scribble details on the facades are early '60s, rather than early '70s. It's a nice medium size with a 28" W, and available here.

Dress a Day has just posted a photo of the same print I chose yesterday. Great minds think alike. Though her style icon is Doris Day, and I'm more Iris Barrel Apfel, I enjoy her blog a great deal. Besides pictures of beautiful dresses and patterns, she has sewing tips, and writes about the secret lives of vintage dresses. I sure wish I could sew. I can only perform surgery on existing garments, and sometimes the patient doesn't survive.

Ah, you can never take the Brooklyn out of my Babs. Ms. Streisand silenced a heckler at her recent Madison Square Garden concert with what yahoo news describes as "the F-word". Apparently the political commentary of a skit with an idiotic George Bush impersonator was not to the heckler's liking. I adore Ms. Streisand and commend her for her political engagement, even though I think she could be way more radical. Come on, Barbra, please keep blogging. I'd love to hear your thoughts on reproductive rights.

Though I mostly love her films. They present an alternate reality where a woman will triumph because she is smart and kind (not to mention plucky, and unabashedly Jewish) and makes her own rules.


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