Thursday, September 28, 2006

Endless summer with this dress. Get it here.

It's small I think, about B34, W26, but check the measurements and see if you are better at math.

It's delightfully both Magritte and Carmen Miranda-esque.

I'd wear it on long walks, whistling "Yellow Submarine". For all your whistling needs, I found Some fun stuff, including CDs to train your birds to whistle. I wonder if they would train me to whistle better. Not all of the links work on this site, however. All the links to the whistling maestros of India are broken. In thinking about it, Bollywood filmi music has lots of whistling solos. The title song of Kuch kuch hota hai, begins with a whistling solo, but there are so many more and I plan to make a list.

Please, whoever you are who buys this dress, resist the temptation to shorten it. The length is what makes it truly fabulous.

It is interesting that it is photographed basically lying in bed. Presumably the seller has a small apartment and no where else to lay the length of the dress flat, but it looks like the dress is taking a nap.


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