Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The other Egyptian print was lovely, solid, and yet remarkable, but not as exciting as this one. Go bid on it right away.

I love the colors, and the fishing scene. The fishermen and women, with their features left blank, allow the fish to be the real star. Those reeds do look suspiciously like bamboo though, don't they? The abstract papyrus topped with carnelian is fabulous, and the butterflies (or are they flowers?) somehow evoke a prototype of the logo for the Partridge Family. Then there are the apple shaped circles adding another dimension. This one makes my heart beat faster.

If you are in Brooklyn this weekend get yourself to BAM for the Almodovar film festival. All of his films deserve to be seen on the big screen. Each winter I choose a director and attempt to see all of their films. My Almodovar winter was the most fun. Though he examines some very bleak subject matter ("Talk to Her" or "Mala Educacion") his characters always show incredible resilience. (The winter I devoted to Kurosawa, well, it was hard to keep my head out of the oven. I have stayed away from Fassbinder for the same reason.) The first Almodovar film I saw was "Women on the Verge of Nervous Breakdown". Even then I identified with the character of the ex-wife who was trapped in the 60's and still wearing all of her old clothes.


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