Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Egyptomania. Luscious cotton shirtwaist dress with some fabulous Egyptians. I like how the attendant has what look like wilted papyri draped over her arm, but the duck she holds by the wings is still alive and kicking. The standing female figure looks like she’s got a valium or something cupped in her hand and is trying to get the seated guy to take it. The colors are terrific, the mustard yellow and the splashes of white really make it pop. Sized small (B 37, W25 ½), and no label. Whoever made this did an excellent job of lining up and matching the horizontal lines of this print. I like the simple round, high neckline, but would probably change the buttons.

This dress is available from Vintage Virtuosa for $85. Rather steep, yes, I agree, but Ms. Virtuosa has some lovely stuff indeedy.


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