Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Flores, flores para los muertos.

Yes, I know that's from "Streetcar Named Desire", but just couldn't resist. Mexican street scene dress with a "Hacienda" label, currently weighing in at $43.

Cute, right? I like the blue burro, and the multicolored plants in pots. I'd do away with the ribbon belt, and add something stretchy and 80s.

I don't like the seam down the front of the bodice. I also don't like that the seller, Ms. Alitza Fashion Forward Trends, has included a Bible verse with her listing.

Now the verse is not offensive in and of itself. It's really benign, actually. It recomends prayer and a spirit of gratitude. It mentions a divine being to receive that gratitude. It's not incendiary. It doesn't condemn anyone. In fact, it's a fine sentiment. We should all cultivate gratitude, goddamn it. Right?

So why am I so put off?

I guess it makes me think too much about the seller behind the item. I would like to believe that ebay is a world outside of the usual economy, that I would be buying things from other women more or less like myself. But Miss Alitza Fashion Forward Trends is already telling me that her viewpoint diverges from mine. Then I think, what else is Miss AFFT up to? Is she pro-choice? Does she tithe to a megachurch? Why is she Miss and not Ms.? What am I actually supporting?

And this is far too much scrutiny for one ebay seller to withstand.

When I step into Rite Aid it’s a forgone conclusion that my cash is going to something nefarious. But if I need deodorant at 2AM , they are the only game in town. But all of these speculations about Miss AFFT take me further and further away from the purchase.

In short, religion ain't good for business.

Forever 21, purveyor of cheap clothing with way too much style, puts a reference to a Bible verse on the bottom of their bags.

This article describes Both Forever 21 and other companies that go even further to proselytize. Though I don’t recommend reading the poorly spelled and angry comments from people who feel sorry for us heathens who are going to hell, they illuminate just how deeply entrenched both sides of this debate have become.