Monday, November 06, 2006

If I had the habit of making lists, like my role model Sei Shonagon, I would inlcude this one on "Things that make the heart beat faster".

Ok, this is not a novelty print, but it sure is vintage, and what novelty indeed. This is a frock that could take you from a cocktail party to a ball. And you would still be prepared to step onto the stage for Midsummer Night's Dream, just in case one of the fairies called in sick. Hell, you could even fill in for Titania. "What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?", you might ask even if you are in a dive bar, or the supermarket.

This beauty comes with a matching jacket, which is not pictured here only because the photo is encrypted somehow.

Go get it now. I haven't even looked at the size since I saw the current bid of $142.

Wear it to see Sankai Juku. If you are in Arizona, this Paris-based Butoh dance troupe is performing tonight. If you are in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle or Kuala Lumpur, they are on their way to you. You want to see subtle acts of regeneration beneath a canopy of white lotus. I saw them at BAM a couple of weeks ago and it was transformative. Not only that but they had the best dressed audience I've seen in years.


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