Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This blog is now over 1 year old. I can't believe I missed my bloggerversary. It was September 1st. Happy Belated Bloggerversary, Plastic Paradise. I will graciously accept well-wishes now.

(sound of crickets)

Ah well, I never really courted mainstream success anyway.

It has been thrilling to find and share so many images of stunning vintage novelty print items. I've had many favorites: the mushroom/parasol dress, the asparagus frock, hotair balloons and city scenes. I almost lost my mind over a circle skirt with the Moulin Rouge. There have been a few novelty items too. Most notably, a pistol-shaped hairdryer. It has warmed my heart to see just how many fabulous vintage novelty items are out there.

The impetus behind this blog was to create a catalog of vintage novelty print images. But also, using homeopathic principles, to curb my compulsive shopping problem. I think I have achieved my goal of greater detachment: although I posted almost 200 novelty items, I didn't buy any of them.

Not that I didn't buy other things over this past year. Frocks, shirts and skirts with seahorses, pagodas, kittens jumping rope, bicycles with banana seats, koi fish, roasted corn and eggplants. I cannot resist prints with mushrooms, veggies, Egyptians, or the life aquatic. Also, if I've never seen it before, I'll snap it up. But on the whole, I'm less compulsive and no longer frothing at the mouth neurotic about my purchases, though I have ventured into the dangerous terrain of brightly colored shoes. I'm not a boddhisatva, nor was meant to be. My $10 dress habit hasn't bankrupted me; there are worse things I could do.

I don't know if the woody hoody of 2006 was a fashion pinnacle or nadir. I became obsessed with this hunters camouflage (an ironic choice for a vegetarian, no?) and was delighted to find this at a Buffalo Exchange in Brooklyn. Yes, I am wearing a snood. I had a lovely Xmas present from my landlord last year: 4 days without heat or hot water.
Is this a mere style blog? Resoundingly not. I have written reviews of movies over 30 years old and occasionally ranted about current events, feminist issues and my dinners with Uncle Monty at his club.

Posts:197. Readership: 0. So how do ya like those statistics?
I used to be concerned about my anonymity, now I cheerfully post photos of myself. There is something liberating about no one watching. Like belly dancing in restaurants where the patrons continue to eat, talk loudly and ignore you. You could set your veil on fire and no one would notice. After that happens (tiny cafe, little votive candles on the tables, a 4 yard veil...you get the idea) well, you can pretty much do anything. Hand jive, pantomiming opening jars, take calls on your cell phone, the robot dance, no one cares!
Do you get the idea that I speak from experience?
If a tree falls in the forest...
Is a blog anything but a time sucking leech?
Not even Uncle Monty reads my blog, even though I write glowingly about his every little quip.
A normal person would have given up long ago. Won't stop, can't stop. Alas, I am not a quitter. This has always worked to my detriment.
So above is a real Don Quixote dress. It ain't cheap, it's from Redbox Vintage. Last year this time they had a lovely circle skirted dress printed with scenes of Venice. This one is a delight, with architecture and bull fights and even statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. I find it a bit disturbing that Don Quixote appears to be giving the fascist salute. Also, wasn't the benighted knight of La Mancha a skinny bloke? This one looks quite substantial.
This dress is a medium and it just might fit me. Don't I deserve a lavish birthday present? Doesn't the blog deserve a novelty print present?


Blogger fuzzylizzie said...

Actually, you have at least 1 regular reader...me. I love your posts and the wonderful things you find and the things you say about them. And while you may not have bought any of the items you posted over the past year, I fortunately have! So cheers, and happy b'day and all that. Lizzie

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