Tuesday, August 28, 2007

¬°Que Viva Mexico! How could you resist this hand-painted Mexican dress complete with a strapping shirtless Aztec? Be still my heart. Go get this. Go get it now if you are a little wasp-waisted (B36, W26).
Tomorrow is my birthday. I am already older than I ever intended to be. This one is particularly joyless. It seems that my birthday is always an ill-omened day, best spent at home with the shades drawn. All the men in my life have enjoyed dumping me on my birthday. (Or a few days before, just to ensure maximum misery.) And I do mean all of them. Perhaps it's something about the proximity to Labor Day, that holiday that ends the summer and sends everyone scurrying out of town. It's the time of year for endings.
I share this birthday with Ingrid Bergman and Michael Jackson. I wonder what that means astrologically.
I'll be back on Thursday, older but not wiser.


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