Friday, August 24, 2007

Persian paradise, stolen apples and the thrill of the hunt. Pure silk. Saks Fifth Ave label. Very wearable medium (B38, W30) with a dramatic shawl collar. Lovely draping on the skirt. Scrumptious colors, I mean, look at those blue and pink apples! Starting bid is $75. I imagine this will sell for at least $180. Bidding is gonna heat up indeed. I actually hyperventilated when I saw it.
Is this Orientalist? Would I torture the ghost of Edward Said by wearing it? Well, yeah. Can I resist this dress? No! No, I cannot. It does reference Persian miniature painting style while adding a late 40's advertizing illustration aesthetic in a way that assuages me. I don't feel that this dress means to offend at all. But perhaps I am just blinded by the beauty of it. Blinded by the beauty!
My birthday is coming up so soon. Do you hear me, Uncle Monty?


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