Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This cheery circle skirt was posted to flickr by a woman who goes by the handle of Joules, or Joulesstar. This well-dressed lady is the curator of lovely vintage objects, along with some handemade goodies for sale at her Esty shop (link can be found on this page).

Ms. Joules has great style, as well as a sunny home in a desert climate. I feel that her slideshow of vintage textile close-ups was created to brighten my day. To see a dizzying array of vintage prints (many of them novelty), go here and drool.

Like me, Ms. Joules is also taking photos of what she wears everyday. But being smarter than me, Ms. Joules has created a forum for other people to post their photos of thrifted outfits as well.

If only she lived around the corner. I'd pop by with cucumber sandwiches and champagne punch. Since this is a fantasy, then Ms. Vintage Vixen would live next door. She'd show up in a vintage swimsuit and we all lounge about plotting world domination and listening to Yma Sumac.


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