Monday, July 16, 2007

Egyptomania. Glorious color way, well-printed. Scenes taken from ancient Egyptian devotional art alternated with bands of papyrus. This is a good one, and a very wearable B38, W28 1/4. I love the open lattice work on the shoulders and the way the pleats fall on the skirt.

Go get it.

There was a news item today about Queen Hapshepsut, whose mummy was recently unwrapped and scrutinized. The DNA matches a tooth known to have belonged to Queen Hatshepsut (circa 1479-1457 B.C.), making this the first royal mummy to be identified since King Tut in 1922.

But the writer of this piece, Ms. Small, describes Egypt's female pharaoh as a "50 year-old fat lady". She goes on to describe her bad hair (balding in the front and long in the back) along with some outre nail polish (black and red). I find something catty in Ms. Small's tone, though I sense that she is trying to be flip and funny.


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