Friday, July 13, 2007

Somewhere beyond the sea. Just look at those adorable fish and the uneven net that covers the entire ocean. The fishermen in their caps and all those jaunty boats. I'm mad about the fisherman mending his net, and the two ladies chatting. The color scale is terrific. I'd wear it with a yellow blouse and promenade where ocean breezes could tousle my hair.
I may just be a sentimental mermaid, but this one is worth writing home about.

I saw a dress with a similar feeling and illustration style last fall. It had only fish and the net but I utterly plotzed over it. Of course it was too small, as is this one, with a 25" waist. Go get this skirt. In it, you will cover the waterfront.

The ebay seller is particularly informative about the designer, Mr. Joseph Zukin of California, who made smart resort and cruisewear from about the early 20s to 1951. This one is a collectors' item, tadpoles. Jump on it.


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