Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eat your veggies. Another vegetable themed dress to love. This one is quite trim through the waist at 26". I like the abstract, blueprint quality to the drawings. The slate-green gives the feeling of a blackboard, doesn't it? Very cute, remarkable and currently affordable. Go get it.
I love the collar. What are those called? It evokes Doris Day for me. I'll bet it looks even better in focus. Do wear this dress while whirling about (Sound of Music style) in the green areas of your town. Wear it to picnics, and brunches.
Alas, I actually wanted to post photos of another dress. Celery stalks and apples are realistically shown, along with baskets with roses, and here and there, an egg. Not to mention the mushrooms, cherries and strawberries and daisies. Deliriously fabulous, and photos are blocked from copying by the poster, alas. Look at it here. It's even a wrap dress for crying out loud.


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