Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Every honeybee fills with jealousy when they see you're out with me. I don't blame them, goodness knows, Honeysuckle Rose.

Yes, hummingbirds, this one's the bees knees. Wear it to work so everyone knows how busy you are.

Glorious bee print day dress in cotton. I am swooning over the lavender and teal colorway. And look at the details. Those delicate little feet, the furry bodies all rendered with a water color sensibility. I also love the large size of the print, and the uneven flight pattern of the bees over the frock.

This one is Lilliputian: B35, W 24.5. Go get it, you little pixie.

So where have I been? Yes, there has been far too much lag time between novelty prints. What have I been doing? Sunning myself by the Adriatic? Sipping cuba libres with Fidel Castro? Doing crossword puzzles? Meditating under the Bodhi tree? At the barracades hurling molotov cocktails? Boiling myself in one of Iceland's natural hot springs?

Alas, no. Just swamped with sorrow, anger, and despair. Doesn't that sound like Buddhist hell? A vacation is what I need, but won't get, unfortunately.

I did find a few novelty prints here and there through my vale of tears. A tart little lemon/lime number, An 80s blouse with a map of the world. A cold war map, goslings, way before your time, I know.


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