Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Don't cry for me, Tenochtitlan.

Pre-Columbian frock with what looks to be faux Aztec writing and pictograms. The close-up is too washed out to show just how fabulous this colorway is. The blue background feels like turquoise, the green like jade, and the red, just like blood, baby! Very wearable medium size in rayon with just 2 days left for bidding.

I've always wanted a Mexica dress. This one is making me drool a little. Of course if the pictograms were accurate, I'd like it more.

Being from Los Angeles and growing up in the 70s, I have a lot of passive knowledge of the work of Mexican calendar artist, Jesus Helguera.

Different versions of this painting were pirated all over on murals. It literally loomed large. The details were always different. In some copies the comotose sacrificial virgin had an elaborately styled and pompadoured 40s 'do. In others, the man showed more of his muscular chest. The whole thing is eroticized like a Vargas pin-up (and Helguera's use of light and skin mirrors Vargas) in a way that was very confusing for me. After all, the poor girl is unconscious. As a kid, I thought maybe he was carrying her down the mountain to safety. And what a cute party dress. Doubtless they are on their way home from a party and she's just tired. But I knew that he was just going to cut her heart out.


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