Thursday, November 16, 2006

How lucky can you get? A four leaf clover dress will lead you to winning lottery tickets, if not a leprechaun and pot of gold. Or maybe you’ll just clean everyone out at Mah Jong. Good luck charm? You’re soaking in it. Would you wear it to Atlantic City, or to that meeting with a big record producer? Maybe you’ll wear it to the United Nations and find yourself on a podium with Bono and this year’s Nobel Prize Winner Mohammed Yunis. Maybe you’ll single-handedly cancel all the debt for HIPC and establish universal healthcare. See, I’m not worried, I know you’ll use your powers for good.

Gorgeous dress. Just look how the white background and orange accents make those clover leaves really pop. Peter Pan collar, plus size (B54, W42-6), rayon that doesn’t wrinkle, world domination. What are you waiting for?

Don't you just love the model's red lipstick and the paintings behind her?


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