Tuesday, August 24, 2010

According to the New York Times, young women are unconsciously referencing a 1990's sitcom with the current trend for floral prints. Seinfeld character, Elaine Benes ,has been declared a style icon. I've always been a fan of the ankle socks and spectators look. It sure is practical for hoofing it around town. This photo is owned by NBC and shows Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the apex of the sitcom's popularity. Note the hair poof; these are making a comeback. But then again, once the New York Times notes a trend, that means it is already over.

And I certainly am not seeing any long skirts around town.

The article goes on to implicate Chloe Sevigny, whose recent resort collection for Opening Ceremony is said to reference these floral prints and tough shoes favored in the 90's sitcom. However she maintains that she is entirely innocent of the television show, and that she does not own a TV. That's plausible, I suppose.

I actually saw her once at the Guggenheim at the big, mind-blowing Louise Bourgeois retrospective a couple of years ago. There was a massive line, so I spent about 45 minutes trying not to stare at her. She is even prettier in person and very petite. She was wearing a lovely dress that I was staring at before I quite realized who she was. She in turn was staring at my lemon fruit print dress and we traded a little smile. And then I realized, hey, how fun is that? My lemon dress just got a nod from a famous trend-setter. Yay, lemon dress. (But perhaps it is sad that I still remember that?)

Ms. Sevigny appeared to be a very attentive and compassionate listener to the friend she was with. But perhaps being a big ol' star means listening to your friends and not complaining about your own personal life in public where some muckraking journalist (or nobody with a blog) can hear it and write about it. I shudder to think how my public behavior would stand up to that sort of scrutiny. Rarely do I see famous people, though this town is lousy with them. But when I do, I try to leave them alone, attempt to give them some privacy. (Did I violate her privacy by sharing this anecdote?)

photo by Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times

Another one of these envy-inducing NYT articles with photo of someone's spacious sun-drenched apartment featured performance artist LuLu LoLo and her husband. They've even got a backyard with a miniature chapel. Ms. LoLo does an excellent job of wearing great things on her head. And I am very interested in seeing her performance work.



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