Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ahoi, Sea Witch. She is a worthy vessel, clearly, with a curly-headed crew. I love the light blue sail that disrupts the red, navy and white paradigm. I love the little red flag that waves faintly from the back of the ship, and how the striped sail fills with the wind. I love how the top mast extends almost to the waist. But above all, the name of this boat is the Sea Witch. It just doesn't get better than that.

At first blush I thought this was an Alfred Shaheen print. He has a number of red white and blue nautical dresses and skirts, such as this one pictured below, available from Etsy seller Tractordog.

And another Shaheen print, this time a skirt. I saved the photo, but I don't think I have posted it previously. Unfortunately, I no longer have the name of the seller, as I always give people credit for their marvelous finds and photography, but these photos are from ages ago. So, I am breaking my own rules here and digging these out of my file for greater Shaheen appreciation.

I have a weakness for all things nautical. Last summer was officially my nautical summer. It involved boater hats, several actual boat rides and finally finishing Moby Dick, which turned out to be a rollicking read.

This summer it is all about Spain. Flamenco dancing, tapas and Don Quixote. Yes, Don Quixote. Again. I attempted it first back in 2008, and I didn't get very far, I made the mistake of getting bogged down in too much commentary. And sadly, my Spanish is not what it once was so I am reading slowly. I plan to dine at the El Quijote Restaurant to celebrate when I am done. The El Quijote on 23rd Street, festooned with images of the book's hero, is one of these New York time machines. Go through its doors and you emerge in the mid-1960s. Many of these untouched and unrenovated New York institutions are closing, so I worry that if I linger too long over my reading, El Quijote will no longer be around to see me prevail and serve me a lobster.

I've seen a number of windmill prints, usually of the Dutch variety, and I have a crypto Don Quixote print: red and white with smeary windmills, churches and a figure on horseback. I call it my Don Quixote dress, but I am taking liberties with the title.

Here is a real Don Quixote dress, and what looks like a Spanish souvenir print. I thought I had posted this one long ago, searching through my archives I couldn't find it. Again, I no longer have the name of the seller, as this was in my file from years ago. I do sometimes save pictures of dresses I like but couldn't buy (either they were too small, or I was outbid). It is a bad habit, perhaps, but I get a bang out of just looking at them. I thought I had written about the Don Quixote Dress before at great length, but alas, no. I wish I could link to its seller, as it is a delight. Never before and never again have I seen a Don Quixote print like this. Please enjoy.

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