Monday, January 28, 2008

Wear it with a rose in your teeth.

Alas, this one isn't available anymore, and you'd really need to wear a crinoline to show this one off to its best advantage. I love the lines in the background. It's as if someone took a weathered old bullfight poster and blew up the image about 50 times until you can taste the grain of the paper and the wheatpaste on the wall. The lines also create a windy feeling of movement, and the light sprinkling of red rose petals really opens up the whole scene. I love that our matador is at the moment of the final kill.

This one, however, is available, and you can bid on it here. Lovely repeat print with different bullfight moments. Doesn't it look like batik? The ebayer says the outline is in metallic paint and really makes the scenes pop. Nice medium size.

I'd be tempted to wear this to go see Carmen next week at the Met. I have the absolute cheapest seat. I'll be sitting on the roof, so it doesn't really matter what I wear. But don't worry, goslings, lawsuit or not, cheap seats or not and the ever widening of my grey streak be damned, I'll still drag out my furs, and rustle up an evening gown that fits and drink champagne during intermission. Oiseau rebelle indeed, poppets, as soon as I finish this course of antibiotics that is seriously cutting into my drinking.

Housing court is a demoralizing place to be, especially with the flu. I managed to get an ajournment, despite the protestations of my slumlord's scumbag attorney. My new court date is February 8th. Now the building manager, and the slumlord's legal department have left me multiple voicemail messages that they are dropping the lawsuit, but I keep getting served with papers. And now I hear that voicemail messages are not admissible as evidence, they're just hearsay. Sigh.


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