Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year, goslings. We'll never mention 2007 again, okay? 2008 is officially The Year of Moving On (an elastic enough slogan), which ironically began back in my old apartment.
The slumlord actually replaced the broken chimney. Really. I was just as shocked as you are. I am again chez moi and sans carbon monoxide as of last Monday. Of course we are wrangling over back rent and my attorney still has a special ring tone, but nonetheless, Moving On.
A big thank you to all the kind souls who housed me (especially the indefatigably kind and thoughtful Spartacus) and all those who listened to me. Actually, I've had a lovely sojourn staying at friends' places. It's the closest I've come to a vacation in a long time. I got aquainted with liquor stores in other zip codes (a big hello to the boys at Liquorz on 128th Street), waited on different subway platforms for my morning commute to work, and got addicted to a Korean Soap Opera ("Princess Hours"). Who needs Clubmed?
Of course during this process I lost my mind. Or perhaps regained it. Who can tell? It was a blessing in disguise to be away from my cluttered apartment and all the memories of Rudolpho, not to mention Shmuck #2, and the Boy From Ipanema (aka "The Ambulance Chaser"). The universe was also kind enough to send someone tall, dark and handsome for the holidays to make sure this Old Maid wasn't alone. How's that for a Hollywood Ending?
Sword and Sorcery. Feast your eyes on this violently fabulous mid-fifties, post New Look frock. Can anyone read what's written in this print for me? I believe it is Chinese. But perhaps it is Japanese. You tell me.
This is the first dress I've ever seen that is armed to the teeth. I love how the swords are sheathed along the side of the bodice, as if the wearer could draw them at the slightest hint of danger. And unsheathed and deadly down the front of the dress, the swords glint like the weapons in comic books. The ornaments also have lovely details evoking laquer, bone and jade.
Wear this dress when you are pissed off. When you want everyone to take a step back. When you have a migraine. When you want to make mere mortals tremble.
In the movie version, one of those swords would be fully functional. I'd use the knife to open a letter, pop a balloon, or show that I mean business.
B40 ", W 32 " , H44 ", waist to hem, 28" a totally wearable medium that would even fit a stuffed Samsara.


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