Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holy Mother of God. I almost hyperventilated when I saw this one. Mz. Alitza Fashion Forward trends, I bow to you. This atheist Jew will even say Aleiluyah and God bless you too. This is without a doubt the most amazing circle skirt I have ever seen.
Just look at this felt circle skirt printed with photorealistic images of Indian temple carvings. The ebayer lists them as Thai or Indonesian and she could be right. I am hard pressed to establish the story. Someone is stringing a bow, someone is sitting under a tree. No one has any particular symbol, like Krishna's peacock feather, or Shiva's cresent moon and river Ganga. Could it be Ram and Sita and the contest of the bow? Is that Buddha under the Boddhi tree? Some other story I don't know jack about? I'm not sure. Maybe it's Angor Wat. All these details are great. The elaborate headdresses and deep sculptural leaves. But what I love most about this print is that is felt made to look like stone.
With a 25" waist, no stuffed Samsara can squeeze into it. Go get it! And wear it with something dressy the way Mz. Alitza Fashion Forward Trends shows it on the mannequin (if you buy it now, she'll throw in the top). For the love of god, get a crinoline and wear it like you mean it. Wear it to the opera. Wear it on New Years Eve as you dance on the bar at your favorite watering hole. Wear it to the Indonesian consulate for a Walang Kulit performance. And maybe a dark handsome stranger will tell you exactly what story it illustrates.


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