Friday, October 12, 2007

Alfred Shaheen does it again. Doesn't this dress evoke a dirndl? Doesn't the architecture look like a cross between San Francisco and the Adams Family? Austere border print, signed. Created for the Miss K label, a Shaheen subsidiary. I didn't know that Shaheen did anything Gunne Sax-esque, but here it is, and looking more gothic lolita than hippie with age, no? But perhaps that has something to do with my eyes.

It is quite small, and if there is something I've learned, much to my sorrow, Shaheen frocks are cut very close through the hips. This one is very unusual. It would look adorable on you.

It feel thematically related to this Vested Gentress. I like VG's winter dresses, especially since they are more unusual. Something about the windows and the restrained color pallet make it a cousin to the Shaheen frock.

This one is small too, but bids are currently low.

And finally:

Full circle back to the dirndl silhouette with this ensemble. Tiny, and I mean tiny, circle skirt, waist 23, paired with a puffy sleeved blouse trimed in the same print as the skirt. Go get it, you little slip of a thing.

If I were costuming a movie, all these outfits could be worn by the same character.


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