Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If I only had a brain.
Perhaps then I could explain why I didn't post this one when it was live. It is, alas, long gone.
Charmingly detailed scarecrow dress. 40s, I think, but post-war. I love the white leaves curling on each tripod trellis, the empty shirts and pork pie hats of the scarecrows, the sheaves of wheat carefully tied, and those green birds with avid, open beaks. I don't know how effective those scarecrows are. They are cetainly outweighed by the birds who loom large in this print. Somehow there is the feeling of an aerial view here, seeing the fields at harvest time from the vantage point of a helicopter.
At the risk of sounding like an art historian, there is great musicality to this print. Isn't that something Sister Wendy would say? I must confess that I adore her (as does another one of my heroes, Nathan Lane). I actually own a copy of her tour of the Norton Simon Art Museum in Pasadena. It's just the thing to watch when I feel glum. Her enthusiasm is as endearing as her lisp. She's always insightful. Plus she's a contemplative hermit who doesn't speak a word unless she's on TV. How great is that? Sounds like the perfect life to me. Where do I sign up?
Though I will always remain an atheist Jew (and one who inhabits a zone entirely free from Christianity and sports of any kind), part of me always wanted to be a nun. Shocking, I know. The habit really does look great, though I'd rather rock the Flying Nun look and Kabuki it up somehow with glitter goth make-up and false eyelashes. And host bingo games to raise funds for my favorite queer activist groups. And be on the Vatican's official list of heretics. I guess what I'd really like to be is one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
Nuns and scarecrows? Have I proved that I'm both a Sound of Music person and a Wizard of Oz person?
Below is an autumnal skirt that is available. An unusual medium size: (W28). Again the scarecrows don't seem to be doing a particularly good job. I love the texture of the hay that sticks out of cuffs of the scarecrows' trousers evoking feet. I like that some of the scarecrows are wearing suits and others are in overalls. The gourds are a nice touch too. But it is not clear if a pine cone or a turtle has crawled into the center of the apple. What do you think that is?
Although the white background gives this print the feeling of a holiday table cloth, the scarecrows are large enough to distract from the fact that this is a border print. Unfortunately it does not come with the red belt as pictured. I think paired with a red or chocolate brown jacket or a nicely fitted sweater, all thoughts of a table cloth would be dispelled. Ray Bolger would approve.


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