Monday, September 10, 2007

Palatial. This fabric would make an excellent circle skirt. There are 6 yards of it for $59.99. You'd need at least 4 yards for a proper circle skirt, and you could definitely squeeze a top out of the remains. But wouldn't this make the most excellent curtain? It would definitely make a nice view.

Today I will seek out other panoramic vistas.

This robe with a view is cheap and cheerful. I love how the pattern on the flag stone pathway disintegrates into the jagged stems of the flowers.

And now, goslings, the showstopper.

A late 70s Lanz Original in polyester. A fanciful cityscape with onion domes, fluffy trees and here and there a floating pineapple. As always with Lanz, a well- constructed bodice and beautifully draped skirt. Oooh. I am so tempted on this one. It fulfills two fantasy frock requirements: Lanz label and construction, along with an imaginary psychedelic city. The color way is also lucious, and the boarder at the bottom gives it just enough to evoke a dirndl.

And I do love a dirndl, I said germanely.

A big thank you to my dear friend Hello Dolly, who told me what those puns are called: Tom Swifties. (And after years of searching! Hello Dolly, it's so nice to have you back where you belong.) Named after the protagonist of a series of children's books written from 1908-1993 by a number of writers under the Stratemeyer Syndicate (who also published the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books), Tom Swifies demonstrate verbal acrobatics to avoid long he said/she said passages. (It's soda, said Tom caustically.) It is perhaps a cousin of the Wellerism, a combination of a cliched proverb and something ribald or scatological (You've got to draw the line somewhere, as the monkey said when he pissed on the carpet.), named after a Dickens character in The Pickwick Papers.

I haven't read that one yet. I usually read a Dickens novel every winter. Sometimes I worry about running out of them.


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