Thursday, October 18, 2007

I love this print. It's somewhere in Australia and still open for bidding. Ocean spray and wispy clouds drifting across a full moon. I love the contrast of the sleeves and the structure of the high waisted bodice. I'd wear it with wide-legged indigo pants and sit outside at my favorite café, sip tea and look at the moon.

However it is virtually impossible to stuff those kimono sleeves into a winter coat. Oh, yeah? Well, then you try it.

See what I mean?
So this is a frock for early autumn or late spring. You could wear a cape over it I suppose.

I found this other marvelously fishy frock, but alas the photos are copyright protected so I can't show you. Just go here. Aqua and mustard starfish, sea anemones and shells all caught in a net are shown on white cotton. Full skirt, and charming cutouts along the shoulders at the back of the dress. It is also in Austrailia. Coincidence?

Look at this other watery beauty. Super small (W 26). You should wear a crinoline with it, just so everyone can see all the glorious details. The waterfall is well drawn, as are the windblown trees. The red flowers dusting the bottom give the whole thing gravitas.
Just last night I was talking about an especially difficult person in my life. My patient listener asked: Why don't you just talk to her? Tell her what you just told me. And I said: She doesn't listen. Talking to her is like talking to a waterfall.


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