Friday, April 20, 2007

Another cute novelty print that escaped my clutches.

I don't remember quite where I saw it, nor how much it was going for. I love the rounded bodies of the deer and the squiggles of yellow. But again the eyelashes really up the cute ante.

I'm afraid novelty prints have become too trendy this season. I probably said it last year as novelty hit the couture end. Well, now it has trickled down and I am seeing it everywhere with mixed feelings.

I couldn't help but notice that Forever 21 has a cotton skirt with roosters on it. Anthropologie has a dress with orange giraffes trooping across a white background. (For a jaw-dropping $498, it should come with a conflict diamond.) Urban Outfitters has a shirt with bunnies on it. Of course I'm not shopping in these places; I'm allergic to retail-- gives me a rash. Just doing some competitive intelligence. Even every down-market on 34th Street's cheap and cheerful row is filled to the gills with owl, mushroom and tiny whale prints. Men in slouchy jeans sport hoodies covered with foil printed diamonds.

Though I am delighted to see novelty on other citizens, I can't help but wonder why they are wearing them. Are they the same people who a mere year ago would have pointed at me and laughed? Do they love their novelty prints? I mean, really love them? A novelty print should crack your hard shell and ooze your soft whimsicality all over. It must ooze, goddamn it, like candy tears from the heart of kitsch. Otherwise we're all just ironic posturing bores.

Goslings, perhaps I'm just old and bitter.


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