Thursday, March 08, 2007

Are giraffes really the kind-eyed vegetarians I imagine them to be?

Go get this high-necked frock. While the pattern is plenty eye-popping on its own, the color makes it most unique. Most giraffia is in a yellow, brown or black scale.
I don't care if giraffes can deal a lethal kick when confronted, to me they are still a symbol of peace.

Oh, you didn't know it was today? Might it be because no one mentioned it and the mainstream media did not feature a singe story about it. The headlines on Yahoo today feature a lotto winner, and a woman who awakened from a 6 year old vegetative state only for a few days, then relapsed. Did she say: Wake me when the Bush administration is over?

So, what's doing for International Women's Day in the U.S.? Did I hear nothing? That's right: nothing. Because half the world's population is just a special interest group.

I read a very disturbing story both in Broadsheet and Feministing about a Law School website where a bunch of schmucks are posting photos of their female classmates in order to evaluate their looks and threaten to commit all sorts of acts of violence against them. The site is hosted by the school's server and the Dean has done nothing to shut it down.

The anonymous schmucks are posting the womens' full names and their law school email addresses. They are even stalking them to determine what classes they are in, and what time they go to the gym. They encourage people to take cell phone photos of these female students to submit to the site. The women targeted have not consented to be part of the website's so-called beauty pagaent and when they request that the photos be removed they are met with threats of sexual violence. Oh, and the postings include not only sexism but racism too. Just reading some sample postings made me feel nauseous.
Of course this sort of harassment can effect future career and job opportunities since a google search of the name of any of the women targeted will pull up this sleazy site. I heard law school was competitive, but I've never heard of smear campaigns like this before, especially those targeting women.
It is my ardent wish that the names and email addresses of all the anonymous men who are harassing, intimidating, threatening and potentially harming the future careers of their female colleagues are made very public.
The first women to go to medical school had to endure their male classmates spitting on them. It sucks to see how little things have changed.
It angers me to hear the mainstream media pronounce feminism dead, and all it's goals accomplished. Today is Blog Against Sexism Day. My small typings seem so inadequate to fight against the patriarchy.
Feminist bloggers have endured smear campaigns similar to the law school students. They want us all afraid. Too afraid to fight. Too afraid to continue to speak against our exploitation. And bubbeleh, it takes a lot of chutzpah to keep speaking out.
Rudolpho, Ninotcha, and Spartacus all think I should be blogging my politics more. They feel the novelty print is a smokescreen and I've got to come out from behind it. They mirror the struggle within me. I may be a giraffe, but I can sure as hell kick.


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