Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Isn’t she lovely? Just look at this head-turner. Even though my closet is bursting, and this is too small for me, I find myself unreasonably drawn to this dress. Like stay awake at night thinking about it.

Current bid is $49. B 36, W26. Auction ends tomorrow so get a move on. It's got every auspicious element from dragons to lions, even bats. The seller remarks with great insight that this pattern evokes those used in tattooing. Should I call it the tattooed lady dress? Perhaps it would look even more adorable if your own tattoos mirrored the print.
Though she is un-inked (as am I) I think this dress would look great on my friend Modesty Blaise (aka Death Starr).
Mom has informed me that the Italian travel print skirt that I posted on Feb. 26 (alas, I still don't know how to link to myself) is faux vintage. She says that she saw the exact same skirt in a catalog called Where In the World for $19.99. The print is of postcards. Excellent sleuthing, Mom!
Post amended: I found two other lovelies today, but both with copyright protected images. So I will have to mime them for you. Here goes:

The first is a scarf print halter dress in vivid colors showing seashells and sea anemones. It’s in Australia at the moment, but is too fun not to mention. It’s a small, and currently $14.99 Australian dollars. The model is working the Marcia Brady look. Or perhaps she is trying to look that American heiress who lost her dog (I can never remember her name since she gets so little publicity), though this Australian girl has a much sweeter and much prettier face.
Anyway, I’d wear this differently. I’d go all Louis XIV Versailles with it. Lots of gold rococo shell pendants and pearls braided into my curled and pompadoured coiffure. I’d expand the skirt with panniers underneath, and cobalt colored bloomers. And of course, I'd brandish a fan painted with sea anemones.
Should I nestle a small galleon in my tresses too? Oh yeah, I'd so do that. I would stop just short of donning a white powdered wig though. Still, I’d probably look too Cirque du Soleil. At least for work.

Remember the art gallery dress? It’s back, complete with Van Gogh’s sunflowers and Degas' ballarinas, but this time in a vivid color scale and made into a tent dress. I am tempted. Very tempted. I’d wear it unbelted with black leggings and ballet flats. I'd top it off with (tee hee) a beret. And I would totally wear it to work.


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