Monday, March 26, 2007

Vested Gentress strikes again. This adorable, over-the-top preppy screen print is an ode to the life of the idle rich. Gotta love the implied drinking theme of the ships' flags. But it is the sailor collar that does it for me.

I have a special place in my heart for the sailor collar. It's right next to the slots for unicorns and ukuleles. Does it come from viewing "Fanny and Alexander" and "Death in Venice" at an impressionable age? Or is it just the nostaglia of a wild Fleet Week years back? Ah, sailors. Put the blame on Mame, boys.

In the early 90s I had a bunch of sailor collared dresses and jackets in navy (pun intended). I wore them with bobbed hair and oval wire-framed glasses. Add to that an exaggerated bow mouth painted with Revlon's Black Cherry creme lipstick. Alas, this was long before Gothic Lolita, so folks just thought I was off my rocker going around outfitted like an Edwardian doll.

I've still got one jacket left from that era. I think it will make a guest appearance tomorrow.

The BIN price of this Vested Gentress cutie is a whopping $85. Ouch.


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