Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Best of Everything.

Happy Valentine's Day, bubbeleh! I may be a hardcore cynic, but for me Valentine's Day is about candy, stuffed animals, and red construction paper arts and crafts. Yes, I hate the commercialization of it all too. But what's wrong with romance, even if it's just a microwaved burrito, a glass of pinot noir, and a nice bubble bath toute seule comme une grande (all by yourself like a grown up)?

For you I present this everything bagel of a skirt. It's got chess pieces, card suits, alphabets, hot air balloons, trains, watches, roosters--and more. (Now if it only had some mushrooms, seahorses, the Hagia Sophia and text in Latin or Arabic, then I would genuflect before it.) Not only does this print include about 75% of my print obsessions, the color scale is a marvelous blend of violet and purple. It's got a 26" waist and the current bid is a mere $24.00.

It would be so cute on you, cutie.


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