Monday, January 29, 2007

Mythological office wear. Or perhaps the uniform for the Scottish Secret Service. I’d resist the temptation to pair this with MacLeod tartan tights or leggings. Though I like the model’s elán and pixie cut, I think this top is too short to be worn with bare legs. For advertising purposes, it does show this frocklet to its advantage. Leggings, either black, white or red, or pants would be better. Or, if you’ve got gams like this model and don’t intend to brave the cold or bend over, then go for it.

Love the scarf detail and the puffy sleeves. This is the first late 60s unicorn print that I have seen, and I am on the look out for such things, goslings. It is too small for a stuffed Samsara (W28, H34), but perhaps it will fit you? Wear this top to any event that involves bagpipes, or dancing the Frug. Perhaps you might want to go to the Cloisters and view the unicorn tapestries?


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