Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This novelty print fabric has a Dr. Seuss quality to it. Maybe it’s the red fish and the expressions of glee on their little faces. I like the uselessness of umbrellas under water, but love the air bubbles. There is 65” x 34 ½” of it with a current bid of $11.99. If only there were more of it, a shift dress would be a delight. Ideally with a big patch pocket showing a water spouting whale.

I don’t think this yellow number is really a dress. It looks more like a beach cover up. I’d wear it over my red bathing suit with an enormous-brimmed black sun hat, and espadrilles that tie around the ankle. Add to that, of course, a parasol, and give me a sunny day at Brighton Beach. This is totally doable in about 143 days.


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