Friday, November 17, 2006

On the case. (I almost wrote: "She's watching the dectectives; they're so cute" but restrained myself. Or did I?)

The sleuth distracted by botany is priceless.

I just love how the leaves partially cover one of the running figures (dare I call them dacoits? I've been waiting years to use that word). This print reminds me of Edward Gorey's work. Especially his opening segment for Mystery. What a pity there's not more of it. It measures 36"x36" and the auction ends tomorrow.

If only this were printed on waterproof fabric and I could make it into a trenchcoat. Or even better yet, I'd make a shift dress. With a matching coat. But get this: the outside of the coat would be solid pink with black stitching and this print would be the lining.

I got this idea from Charles Busch's opening ensemble in Die Mommie, Die! No, I can't tell you that this is a great cinematic achievement, but watch it anyway since the clothes are delirious, it references all the camp classics, and there's gratuitous male nudity.

Don't tell me you're too refined for it, goslings, I know you like to pour yourself 3 fingers of scotch and watch The Women, don't you? You love the Adrian gowns in the color fashion show, and you think Rosalind Russell's hats look very Gothic Lolita. See, I know all about you.


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