Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Great works of art on polyester.

If a wearable museum is your ambition(and what a noble ambition it is), then Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jette" should be part of your permanent collection. It is available at www.vintagevixen.com for $48, and I would say about a size 6 (34.5-29-36).

I once had a polyester shirt with Van Gough's "Starry Night" on it, along with a shirt with photographic quality reprints of ancient Egyptian stellae. They were 25 cents each at a thrift shop in Pacoima. I wore them to school and when kids made fun of me, I just held my head even higher. This was back in the day when polyester was still taboo. Polyester may not be a museum-quality textile, but I was starting a museum, gosh darn it.

Both shirts are long gone, alas. More recently I have been collecting Asian art on polyester. I have a blouse with Persian minatures, a dress that mimics Japanese woodcuts, and, the piece de resistance: a dress with Indian paintings reproduced at photographic quality all over the skirt. I'd like to track down the original works of art that inspired these prints. I have so many questions, like how did the clothing designers get the rights to use the images? Did they have to alter them in some way in order to avoid copyright problems?

This dress is making me swoon. In it, I would hum songs from Stephen Sondheim's "Sunday in the Park with George".


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